Friday, February 20, 2009

बेअच्कात Results

thanks to all of those that came out from all over for the BEACHcat TWO. apologies to all of those that could not stick around for the changed event on sunday due to weather delays on the polo tournament on saturday. next will run a lot smoother having everything completed way before the event strikes.

1st willie (nola)
2nd Kyle Noonan (orl)
3rd Jace Savtos (nola) 3rd place always takes best in the beachcat!
4. (1st female) Jenny K. (fl)
5. Mackey
6. John C.
7. Clayton D.
8. Jared
9. Frazor M.
10. Mauldin (2nd female)
11. Dustin J.
13. Leah C (3rd female)
14. Anthony
15. Adad
16. Steven
17. Matthew
18. Ian
19. Cody
20. Elrite
21. Martin
22. Alex
23. Ryan
24 Adrien
26 Cynthia

if you were 12th or 25th please let us know! pictures to come of some of the checkpoints but with things moved less documentation occurred.

photos from the weekend here:

more photos to come please email with photo links

a lot of folks missed out on the group photo also sorry.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pensacola BEACHcat TWO & SPRING BREAK BIKE POLO FEB 8-15th 200009

events including:

the two main events:

PENSACOLA BEACHcat TWO (race around the barrier island that is pensacola beach checkpoint style) SATURDAY 14th of FEB 2009

SouthEastSidePOLOInvitational SAT & SUN (Saturday Round Robin Seeding Play Sunday Double Elimination Rounds)

Gold Sprints Qualifiers & Friendlies @ SLUGGOS THURSDAY the 12th 8PM-2AM!
GoldSprints last minute Qualifiers & Finals @ Paradise Bar & Grill's Dock Friday the 13th 6pm! w/ the Gills.

Bands: This Bike is A Pipe Bomb and more Saturday night 9pm-11pm @ Paradise Bar & Grill
The Gills @ Paradise Bar & Grill Friday the 13th
Thursday night bands TBA @ SLUGGOS

other events during the week including: Gold Sprints Spring Break style, Pick up games, Party Bus, City Team Relay races and Tandem Races on the Sand"drome", tons more events beach spring break style in the works dont want to spoil to much!!!

hotel rates and beach house rates are in get intouch for DEALS at Paradise INN

tell them your with the bicycle group!

You can put down reservations and cancel them with no charge as long as you cancel it 3 days before your reservation! So let them know your coming!! Mardi Gras is the weekend after and people start coming in early so Reserve some Rooms for you and your friends!!!

Beach Homes are also available thru Paradise Beach Homes

these are the best rooms for the cheapest rates on the BEACH!!!

keep intouch and


GOLDSPRINTS last minute Qualifiers and FINALS FRIDAY the 13th 6pm @ PARADISE BAR & GRILL on the beach w/ The Gills!